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  • Tuesday, March 08, 2016 12:22 PM | Carol Kolceski (Administrator)

    The Art of Marketing and Selling 

    Speaker Jenn Cline

    Marketing and sales are a crucial part of our business, no matter what our business model is. Without them, we may find ourselves struggling to keep our heads above water as we work to generate income. At the March WBOC meeting, marketing and sales were addressed by Jenn Cline, owner of Nordique Consulting Group. Cline believes sales and marketing are one and the same and should never be looked at as separate. 

    In her Art of Marketing and Selling presentation, Cline talked about the importance of creating a Marketing Persona. A marketing persona is a profile you create of your ideal client.  To arrive at that persona, Cline suggests considering four things:

    1.  What is their personal demographic?
    2.  What is their behavioral demographic
    3.  Why did they buy from you?
    4.  How did they find you?

    Once the persona is created, Cline suggests practicing what she calls an Elevator Chat. Instead of the standard 30 second pitch, the elevator chat allows you to tell a potential prospect what you do based on questions.

    You: Hi. Nice to meet you. What do you do?
    Them: I am in sales.
    You: Me too. I own a company that teaches businesses how to market and sell themselves seamlessly.
    (Wait for response. Off that response, say:)
    You: Here’s my card If there is ever anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to call.

    In this, the prospect doesn’t feel forced into a sale. Cline says she gets lots of calls from people after she does this, which results in conversations that lead to closing the sale.

    Jenn Cline has extensive experience in sales. Not only was she part of the sales team at the CNY Business Journal, she is still a contributing writer today. Her experience only grew after 10 years at CS Technology and other sales positions in other jobs. Today she is the sole owner of Nordique Consulting Group, where she offers sales and marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

    “I build relationships,” she told WBOC attendees. “I’m not afraid to jump at an opportunity. I want you all to do the same.”

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