Interview with Lindsay Mastrogiovanni, of Lindsay Mastro, Medium and Mentor

Friday, April 19, 2024 10:42 AM | WBOC Admininistrator (Administrator)

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the Conscious Coach and Business Strategist Lindsay Mastrogiovanni.

Lindsay is passionate about helping ambitious-yet-overwhelmed leaders to create an intentional life, thriving business, and foster cohesive communities. 

Q: What inspired you to start your business, or begin in this line of work? 

Lindsay: “After a 15-year career in HR and Organizational Strategy, and a lifetime in spiritual and mediumistic growth, I became obsessed with the idea of helping other intuitive professionals find a framework for bridging the gap between those two very different worlds of woo and the workplace.  I started a side gig to focus on service, coaching and consulting in all things spirituality, HR, and small business startups.

Very quickly, I fell into the opening of Crescent Collective in Liverpool NY where we serve our local community in holistic growth.”

Q: Can you describe what sets your business apart from others in your industry? 

Lindsay:  “I help identify each of my client’s specific balance points between spirit and strategy.  There is not “one way” to do this because every person's intuitive gifts, skills, experience, and environment is unique.  Intuitive leaders and executives need a healthy balance of both conscious and intentional focus and tactical and practical strategy.  My team and network helps to build a curated path toward conscious life and leadership.”

Q: What's your best piece of advice for someone just starting out? 

Lindsay:  “No one is going to do your thing the way you do it.  There’s no such thing as competition, only opportunities for collaboration.  Anyone who presents otherwise is just not your people.  Don’t let comparison rob the world of your gifts.”

Q: What has been your biggest professional challenge and how did you overcome it? 

Lindsay:  “The biggest challenge was feeling stuck before making the decision to leave corporate and go out on my own.  I had to build up solid support systems in the areas of financing, friends, mentors, and mental health.  Most of all I had to believe I was capable of success.  I had to talk nice to myself - this is still the hardest part.”

Q: Any exciting news, future plans, or projects you are working on or would like to announce? 

Lindsay:  “YES!  Coming Summer 2024, Vibed is a conscious leadership development company based in Syracuse where we’ll lead with fun, funky, and growth oriented podcasts for conscious and intuitive leaders.  I’ll be hosting a podcast called Ego & Ether which will feature discussions on the intersection of psychology and spirituality.

I’m also undergoing a massive rebrand for all things Lindsay Mastro; Conscious Consortium LLC is a collection of all projects and services new and old surrounding spirit and strategy for individuals and businesses.  I’ll be transitioning from Blue Moon Growth Co to Conscious Consortium over the coming months.”

Q: What's your favorite non-business activity and why?

Lindsay: “I absolutely love being in nature and listening to music.  As often as I can, I escape to the Adirondacks.  At any turn, you can find me listening to Jam Bands, Blues, Motown, or 90s Alternative.”

Contact Details 

Instagram: @thelindsaymastro
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If you’re curious about finding your balance between intuition and leadership, start by grabbing a copy of Becoming Conscious in a Corporate World (Without Losing Your Sanity).  You can find an Amazon link on my website!

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