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    • Wednesday, March 01, 2023
    • 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
    • Collegian Hotel & Suites, 1060 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13210

    What would be possible for you if you let nothing get in your way?

    Join us for a motivating and inspiring program where we will hear from Bryony Grealish and Kathy O'Connell about their journeys and how they have let nothing get in their way from making a difference in their communities and their lives.

    We will learn first hand about how they got started, the obstacles they came across, and the lessons they learned on their paths towards their dreams.

    Byony Grealish

    About Bryony Grealish

    Bryony Grealish is the creator and owner of The Fingerless Kitchen,LLC. She is a food influencer, speaker, Disability, Equity and Inclusion advocate, and Disability immersion Trainer of the No Thumbs Challenge: Limitations are Opportunities Challenging Disability Beliefs Through the No Thumbs Experience. Bryony is also on the board of the WISE Women’s Business Center. Born with a rare genetic condition called Ectrodactyly, Bryony uses her disability to change and challenge perspectives about beliefs on what you thought was possible living with a disability. Bryony has an impressive array of features in local publications and shows, including a television interview with WCNY's "Move to Include" Initiative, a cover story for the Syracuse Women Magazine, Syracuse NewsChannel9 Bridge Street morning talk show, CBS News 5, Street Talk on 93Q, and more.

    About Kathy O'Connell

    Kathy O’Connell is one of the country’s leading advocates for helping people with disabilities create healthy romantic relationships and sexual identities. She is leading the charge against what she calls “Sexual Abelism” that makes individuals with disabilities falsely believe they are not worthy of a beautiful, healthy romantic relationship. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York (LHMC), she has created and run her own counseling and consulting practice for people with and without disabilities, Radiant Abilities, for over 25 years. She has been acknowledged by the Cerebral Palsy Association of New York, Syracuse University and by the New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. Kathy is the author of the book "Firewalk: Embracing Different Abilities".

Event Location Map - Genesee Grande Hotel

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